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Alexanderia Petroleum Company Obtains on a Certification of the International Suitability For the Security of the... Read More...


APC follows the international modern technology to reduce pollution and implement the inviromental Read More...

Role of Alexandria

APC has the role of supporting the national economy and availability of the petroleum products Read More...

latest news
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our mission

The Purpose from the company is fulfilling the needs of the local market from the petroleum products and exporting the excess in order to increase the national income and to save the foreign specie .
In order to do that , the company uses the advanced technology to put into effect the highest production rate and to renew the styles of the work and to develop the information systems for enhancing the operating economies.
Also achieving the government policy in the field of privatization by executing the several from the joint-stoke companies with the private sector

APC has a unique position between the international refining companies as it produces:

  • 55% of the national consumption of basic oils.
  • 80% of the national consumption of special solvent,e.g free odor hexane.
  • 65% of the national consumption of bitumen products and heavy duty bitumen.



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