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Om Kobiba Bridge
The Project Has Finished

General Scope Of The Project

  • Om Kabiba zone has a lot of underground pipelines so it was difficult to add new pipelines or maintains the oldest; this problem was blocking new extensions in this area. From this point APC decide to build new bridge.
  • Om Kabiba Bridge is a vital project; it services 6 petroleum companies in this area. APC has 12 pipelines with different diameters, Misr petrol has 5 pipelines , Exxon Mobile has 2 pipelines, Amoc , Elab ,Gas co
  • This project protects area of Om Kabiba from the pollution and makes the maintenance of pipe lines easier .


General Information about the Project

Location : lay south of Alexandria port above railway .
Length of the bridge 86m Height : 11m .
Three levels width wide 5m
Number of pipelines 22
Number of companies will use the bridge 6 .
Finally , Om Kabiba Bridge has been finished and 95% of pipelines entered the operation cycle .

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