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Chemical plants




Chemical plants is one of the important departments to help follow the production units.

It helps product analysis and ensures compliance with international standards and using the latest hardware,...It also Includes many research departments Such as:


The Gas sector is considered one of the sectors that the management of chemical plants Made sure to develope and supply with the most recent equipment such as :


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This sector has the most recent devices of spectroscopy such as :

    ANTEK 9000N
    ECS 3000
    X-RAY Fluorescence Spectrometry
    Potentiometric Titration
    Other Devices

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Refineries face the problem of lack of good crude oil and increased demand for distillates and especially middle distillates in the same time there is a surplus of oil Alocodalthagal, so the process, to take advantage of surplus fuel oil for distillates imperative.

Laboratory evaluation shall do the following studies:
    a full evaluation of the crude oil and its products.
    study the possibility of producing oils signals from heavy waxy distillates.
    Pourpoint Depressent Studies.
    Effect of adding Alcohol on Gasoline.
    Production Neutral oil from heavy heavy wax distillates.
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This sector contains the latest analysing devices of various petroleum products such as:

    Lab-X 3000
    Digital Density Meter
    Vapour Pressure
    Octatest Model

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This sector contains some devices of various petroleum products such as:

    Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
    Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Spectroscopy

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