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Maintenance Services



What We Offer There are six different kind of maintenamce services that we offer as follows


Machining Work



Engineering service sector has the capability to Fabricate.

  •    Heat exchangers (tube sheets & baffles).
  •    All types of gears with different modules.
  •    Rotary equipments spare parts (sleeves & couplings & bars).
  •    All types of flanges according to standard codes.
  •    Test rings for heat exchangers.

Metal Working



  •    Fabrication of all steel structure working as ( pipe rakes & bridges …).
  •    Fabrication of heat exchanger shells.
  •    Fixed roof storage tanks with small sizes.
  •    Pressure vessels & furnace stacks.
  •    Maintenance and repairs of( furnace & boilers) bodies.

Heat Exchanger



  •    Fabrication of heat exchangers with different types and sizes according to tema (turning –drilling – milling-expanding ).
  •    Re tubing for expired heat exchanger and Re habitation for tube sheet

Piping Fabrication



  •    Piping fabrication with different size according to standard codes.
  •    Fabrication of non standard elbows with different size.
  •    Fabrication of (flare tip-furnace coils-cooling rings).
  •    Fabrication of fire fighting and fire protection with different size and material.

Sheet Metal Working



Fabrication of Sheet metal working such as ( distillation tower trays with different diameter and size & filters & boilers expansion joints.

Valves Test & Maintenance



  •    Re habitation and maintenance of all types of valves (gate-globe –non return- safety ).
  •    Maintenance include ( fabrication of internal components &boring &lapping for seat and wedge & repairing for external body ).
  •    Executing of all tests according to American petroleum institute (water-air- nitrogen ).