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Oxidized Bitumen Unit

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Unit Description

Established since 1997 and start production, with production capacity 100000 tons per year asphalt

Bitumen types are :

  •   Paving Asphalt 60 /70
  •   Hard Asphalt types:
    (6/12, 10/20, 20/30, 30/40, 40/50)
  •   Oxidized Bitumen types:
    (15/115, 25/95, 25/85)
  •   Semi-Oxidized Bitumen
    (80/100) - Reacently Produced

These types are used in filling concrete intervals, insulating materials, Cabls manufacturing, used in adhesive materials in cooling rooms.

Now APC have new modified types for packing oxidised asphalt with different shapes like carton boxes & blastic bags with diffrent sizes according to the desire of the client. Local & international market welcome these types because of it's easy handled with new shapes and have the same high quality specifications.