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Solvent Production Complex

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Unit Description

Hexane Sulpholane Unit
Started in 1979 under license of UOP - USA. It designed to produce hexane (Food Grade) which is used for extraction food oil from plant seeds in addition, it produces many types of important petroleum solvent. It also produces other solvents indifferent cuts like:- Petroleum Ether 40 / 60*, Solvent 60 / 80 and Mexol , and Heptanes ( 90 -100 ) . The unit produce 12000 ton/year treated hexane (Food Grade) with other solvents related to market require.

Hydrotreating Unit
Started in 1989 to produce hydrotreated kerosene (special cuts) for Areasol purpose. It designed with a capacity of 40000 tons per year.

There are other treating and utility units such as :

      Treating Unit
             Which treat LPG and Light Naphtha to get rid of sulfur compounds.

      Nitrogen Unit
             Which produce Nitrogen for purging purpose.

      Utility Unit
             Which prepare and adjust the concerntration of distillation chemicals.

Note: (*) Initial boiling point/final boiling point


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